The Psychology Of Selling

Learn how to Influence and Persuade People in Business | taught by Patrick Osman

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The Psychology Behind Selling

Selling can be a very difficult game and without a solution to overcome the issues we face as sales people, we will be facing the same issues each and every single day. Hence why you are on this page right now because you have come to an agreement with yourself that it is time for you to be exposed to further knowledge when it comes to the art of persuasion.

Understanding the Do's and Dont's when it comes to selling, is vital. This specific skill, is the only skill that can take your business from micro to macro. And be prepared because in the course that you are about to take, your conversations with people are going to change as of now.

What skills you will take away:

  • 3 Key Elements to Cold Calling and Prospecting (Perfect Pitching)
  • The understanding of Buyers Resistance and Buyers Acceptance - How to get your prospects to generate interest in you and your product immediately
  • How to establish Trust in the first 5 - 10 seconds (positioning yourself) as the higher authority
  • The fundamentals behind the human brain and what really leads humans to making a decision, your way.
  • Gaining confidence over the phone
  • The perfect mindset for selling and how to manage your emotional state.
  • Differentiation between personality types and learning how to deal with different personalities.
  • Developing Yes Momentum from your prospects, through the use of specific questioning.
  • 8 Key Questions To Qualifying your prospect
  • Structural Solution Based Selling Techniques
  • 5 Step Objection Handle Process
  • Calmly dealing with Objections and provide a consumer based solution through overcoming objections easily.

Patrick Osman
Patrick Osman
CEO & Head Trainer

Patrick Osman is an international speaker, author, entrepreneur, CEO of the Sales Training Academy and currently resides in Dubai  as an Advisor to The Private Office of The Royal Family Of Dubai. 

He has been in the sales industry for over 10 years now; training companies world wide by assisting their sales teams in increasing their productivity levels.

Throughout his career in sales (predominantly in the stock market) he undertook some private education in business and sales psychology which has led to him to develop a psychological sales process that is second to none.

All while training and motivating people worldwide, Patrick has published two books 'Your Life Your Business' and '99 Principles of Prosperity'.

Contact him directly at:

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